Your Guide to Growing, Harvesting, Cooking With, and Preserving a Bounty of Herbs

Herbs are one of the most "worth it" plants to grow in your garden.

They're easy, many of them are perennial and come back year after year, they save you money at the grocery store, and a pinch of herbs can elevate your dinner dish to something extra delicious.  

While teaching thousands of gardeners over the years one thing I've learned is that most people are either not growing many herbs or under-utilizing the herbs they do grow.  

This class is filmed in my front yard vegetable garden in southern Wisconsin so you can see firsthand how to grow, harvest, cook with, and preserve a bounty of fresh, organic herbs every season.

Join me and learn how joyful and fun it can be to grow your own organic herbs!

“Inspiring! I have lots of ideas to improve my garden.”

Debra Grayeagle

“This was a great course to learn more about herb gardening. Did a few herbs this summer with an abundant crop. The print out sheets were welcomed and great for next year's planting.”

Collette Desautels

“Awesome course!!!. I’ve learned so much. Thanks you!”

Jacqueline Howard

“Very informative and clear. Highly recommend!”

Ron Bennett

“I finished the course and I have learned a lot. I am excited about starting a garden this year. Thank you for all the information and I am really glad I found you.”

Susan Houghton

“Loving it so far. Full of so much wisdom and knowledge from the lovely enthusiastic teacher. I’m learning so much thank you”


Here's what you'll learn!

  • Plan Your Herb Garden

    Discover exactly what you need to know about each herb, choose which to grow in your garden, and learn where to plant them

  • Favorite Varieties

    Learn about my favorite unique varieties to grow, where to get them, and whether to buy seeds or plants

  • Deep Dive into Each Herb

    A separate video for 10 popular herbs with tips on growing, harvesting, cooking with, and preserving

  • Tips for Preserving

    Easily put away herbs for adding a pop of summer to winter meals

  • Quick Guides

    Printable worksheets, checklists & other supporting documents to get you excited to start taking action.

  • Your Questions Answered

    Don't understand something or want more information? You can leave a note for me in the course and I'll get back to you ASAP.


My mission in life is to help gardeners cut through the noise of all the overcomplicated gardening advice out there by keeping it simple. I offer up smart solutions that work to get you more food from all of your gardening efforts. My hunch is that you’re here because you’re not interested in bumbling your way through -- wasting time and money. I hear ya! I’m all about gardening the smart way. If you have a “get it done” attitude, a curious and independent spirit, and a willingness to experiment with new ideas we’re going to get along great!

Megan Cain

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to All About Herbs!

    • Welcome!

    • Before we begin...

    • How to use this course

  • 02

    Getting the Basics Down

    • 8 Great Reasons to Grow Herbs

    • Annual vs. Perennial Herbs

    • Choosing Which Herbs to Grow

  • 03

    Planning Your Herb Garden

    • How Many Plants and Seeds to Purchase

    • Favorite Varieties & Where to Buy Them

    • Where to Grow Herbs in Your Garden

    • Favorite Tips for Using Herbs From Your Garden

  • 04

    Digging into Each Herb in Your Garden

    • All About Basil

    • All About Cilantro

    • All About Dill

    • All About Mint

    • All About Onion Chives

    • All About Oregano

    • All About Parsley

    • All About Rosemary

    • All About Sage

    • All About Thyme

  • 05

    Keeping the Harvests Going

    • Keeping Simple Records

    • How to Build an Herb Spiral

  • 06

    Garden Tours

    • Get a Peek into My Garden

    • May Garden Tour

    • June Garden Tour

    • July Garden Tour

    • August Garden Tour

  • 07

    Wrapping Up!

    • Let's stay in touch!

    • Before you go...

    • Congratulations!

Get started growing a garden full of herbs!