Experience the excitement and satisfaction of successfully growing your own plants at home.

Starting seeds is a special part of the gardening experience. There’s nothing that quite compares to watching a tiny seed planted with your own hands grow into a healthy seedling ready to be planted outside in your garden.

It allows you to be a part of the whole amazing journey of gardening – from seed to sprout to mature plant to the colorful harvest.

You can also grow more plants for less money, start the gardening season early, choose interesting and colorful varieties not found in your local nursery, and experience the satisfaction of learning a new skill.

But, when you don’t know the best practices, seed starting can be frustrating and costly. You’ll have seeds that didn’t germinate and you won’t know why, you’ll waste time trying to Google your way out of roadblocks, and something that should be a fun start to spring will feel more like a waste of time.

Whether you’re new to seed starting and don’t know where to begin, or you’ve got some experience but could use help refining your process, the Super Easy Seed Starting Masterclass video series will save you time by simplifying seed starting and help you achieve excellent results this year.

What students are saying:

“I'm thrilled to say that I've reconnected with seeds through this video series. I've loved the process in the past, and then I took the short cut of buying most of my plants. Long story short, this year I started kale, leeks, onions, tomatoes, peppers, chard, and chinese cabbage!”

Penny Andrews

“I built my seed starting rack and hung the lights. I've started onions and sweet peppers. I have my additional plantings all scheduled out. I'm quite certain I could not have taken this on without your guidance.”

Kelli George

“Very organized and thorough with the class. Has great ideas for starting seeds, building affordable seed rack to start early. I loved this class. I highly recommend particularly if you are a newbie.”


“Really enjoyed this course, lots of good information and well explained. I liked the passion that the presenter has for seed starting.”

Lucian Black

“Useful information presented in an organized way. The course handouts are particularly helpful!”

Vicki VanBlaricum

“Very helpful! I really appreciate your insight. You have inspired me - thank you!”

Mary Gold

Here's what you'll learn!

  • Create Your Calendar

    Map out when you should start each vegetable with this template you can customize for your garden zone.

  • Learn All About Seeds

    Discover which vegetables you should start from seed, best places to buy seeds, well-performing varieties, how long seeds last, and what conditions seeds need to germinate.

  • Set Up Your Light Rack

    Simple plans for an easy to assemble seedling rack (no tools needed). Includes links to the exact supplies I use and a supplies checklist.

  • Buy Your Supplies

    Learn the essential supplies you need: trays, cells, and flats, what to look for in a soil mix, DIY plant labels, and using a germination chamber for better results.

  • Start & Care for Your Plants

    Step-by-step instructions for starting seeds and how to expertly care for them once they’re growing, including how to harden them off.

  • Quick Guides

    Printable worksheets, checklists & other supporting documents to get you excited to start taking action.


My mission in life is to help gardeners cut through the noise of all the overcomplicated gardening advice out there by keeping it simple. I offer up smart solutions that work to get you more food from all of your gardening efforts. My hunch is that you’re here because you’re not interested in bumbling your way through -- wasting time and money. I hear ya! I’m all about gardening the smart way. If you have a “get it done” attitude, a curious and independent spirit, and a willingness to experiment with new ideas we’re going to get along great!

Megan Cain


Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome!

    • How I Became a Gardener

    • Before we begin...

    • How to use this course

  • 02

    Getting Started

    • Decide What You Want to Grow

    • Create Your Seed Starting Calendar

    • Vegetable Seeds Terms Explained: Organic, Hybrid, Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, GMO

    • Top 3 Companies for Sourcing Quality Seeds

    • 4 Steps for Organizing Your Seed Order

  • 03

    Gathering Your Supplies

    • How to Build a Seed Starting Rack

    • How to Choose the Best Grow Lights for Seed Starting

    • Seed Starting Supplies Overview

    • Choosing the Right Soil Mix

  • 04

    Planting & Caring for Your Seedlings

    • Simple Recordkeeping

    • 4 Things Seeds Need for Good Germination

    • Step-by-Step: How to Start Seeds

    • How to Use a Seedling Heat Mat for Finicky Vegetables

    • When to Take Seedlings Out of the Germination Chamber (So you don't kill them...)

    • Difference Between Seed Leaves and True Leaves

    • How to Thin Seedlings for Optimal Health

    • Answers to Common Seed Starting Questions

  • 05

    Tips for Starting Vegetables, Herbs & Flowers

    • Tips for Starting Flower Seeds Successfully

    • Grow Your Own Herbs

    • How to Start Onion Seeds

    • Trimming Your Onion Plants

    • Steps for Hardening Off Your Seedlings Before Planting

  • 06

    Behind the Scenes in My Seed Starting Laboratory

    • Behind the Scenes - How I Organize My Seeds

    • Tour of My Seedlings Early March

    • Tour of My Seedlings Late March

  • 07

    Wrapping Things Up!

    • Let's Stay in Touch!

    • Before you go...

    • Congratulations!

Make this the year you save money, grow more interesting and unique varieties, and have fun successfully starting your own plants at home.

You could try to do it on your own and piece together how to start seeds by

  • watching random Youtube videos
  • checking books out of your local library
  • embarking on exhaustive internet searches that lead you down various rabbit holes
  • suffering through trial and error over the next few years

Or you can take advantage of my years of experience and
  • save time because I’ve boiled it down to just the essentials you need to know
  • get good results by following a clear plan
  • learn a new skill that will save you money in your gardening budget